cover image Not a New York Love Story

Not a New York Love Story

Julian Voloj, illus. by Andreas Gefe. Fairsquare, $17.99 paper (120p) ISBN 979-8-9859278-7-0

Following a fatal accident, a nameless young man chases the ghost of his partner through an ephemeral-feeling New York City. After visiting her grave, the protagonist returns home to his apartment expecting it to be empty, only to find what he believes is a ghost that resembles his partner making dinner in the kitchen. “It felt so real,” he later tells his therapist, who suggests he take time off from work and visit friends. Despite his attempts, however, he’s distracted by thoughts and visions of her everywhere he goes, causing concern among loved ones, who insist his encounters are just dreams. In straightforward panels rendered in thinly lined ink and fluid watercolor, reality becomes increasingly indiscernible from dreaming as he attempts to come to terms with her death. German illustrator Gefe’s weightless lines and muted colors create an N.Y.C. that never quite feels grounded in reality despite the appearance of familiar skylines and locales, including Bryant Park and Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade. In this short but powerful graphic novel, Voloj (Black & White) and Gefe weave a haunting tale with sobering revelations. The protagonist is depicted with brown skin and his partner reads as East Asian. Ages 13–up. (Sept.)