cover image Myrrh


K. Griffiths. Dog Ear, $18.95 trade paper (580p) ISBN 978-1-4575-2531-5

The first installment in Griffiths’s Ceremonies of the Horsemen series chronicles the misadventures of the humanized Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Pestilence, Death, War, and Famine are now Petey, Dave, Willie, and Frankie, respectively, and they decide to hold a press conference to answer questions about the havoc they’ve wrought throughout history and the eventual apocalypse. The novel is as much a fascinating fantasy romp as it is a cutting-edge work of contemporary fiction with a challenging and captivating narrative. With a darkly comedic style, Griffiths creates unique characters in the Horsemen, each with his own distinctive voice and perspective on the state of the world. Sometimes the plot is obscured by the transitions in perspective and tone, or by wide-ranging explorations of the meanings behind the Bible, the difficulties of morality, and the nature of religion. It’s nonetheless an entertaining and immersive novel, and the future installments are worth watching for. (BookLife)