cover image The Final Seven

The Final Seven

Erica Spindler. Erica Spindler, $7.99 e-book (300p) ASIN B017WQV9OU

Set in New Orleans, this enthralling series launch from bestseller Spindler (The First Wife) introduces Det. Micki Dee Dare of the NOPD and Det. Zach Harris of the FBI’s experimental Sixers program, whose members possess senses beyond the usual five. The two join forces on an unusual missing person’s case. Micki is skeptical of her handsome new partner’s abilities at first, but she soon comes to believe in the psychic energy that assists them in their search for Gwen Miller and Patricia Putnam, who disappeared while celebrating their 21st birthdays. Eventually, Micki and Zach collect enough evidence to suggest that an evil entity known as the Dark Bearer abducted the young women. Fortunately, they can rely on the help of the benign Lightkeepers in their fight to prevent the Dark Bearer from claiming more victims. Those who like their romantic thrillers leavened with a healthy dose of the supernatural will be well satisfied. [em](BookLife) [/em]