cover image While Gods Sleep

While Gods Sleep

L.D. Colter. Tam Lin, $3.99 e-book (267p) ASIN B07GGPZFT5

Colter (A Borrowed Hell) peppers the vivid first book of her Perilous Gods series with formidable deities, intimidating monsters, and vibrant variations of myths inspired by classical Greek tales. In 1958 Athens, hapless hero Eutychios “Ty” Kleisos accepts an offer he can’t refuse from his diminutive loan shark, Kairos. To pay off his gambling debt, Ty, a locksmith, agrees to enter the mercurial underworld city of Erebus and steal a key belonging to the demigoddess Naia, the daughter of Eros. Naia explains that the gods are under a spell, amnesiac and slumbering in a hidden tomb that her key opens. As Naia battles the ruthless conjoined twin queens, the Graeae, who want to control the gods and usurp their power, Ty realizes he is linked to Erebus, as he has seen the tomb in visions during his two near-death experiences as a child. Shunning clichés, Colter crafts a suspenseful plot that dashes along to the rousing ending, weaving in gryphons and harpies, magical tattoos, transformations, and betrayal. Fans of Greek myths and celestial fantasy will root for Ty and eagerly await more adventures in this polished world. (BookLife)