cover image The Scot’s Oath

The Scot’s Oath

Heather Grothaus. Lyrical, $4.99 e-book (352p) ASIN B08N2YLGGR

Grothaus’s exciting third Sons of Scotland romance (after The Highlander’s Promise) unites a passionate couple in the midst of simmering intrigue. In 1458, Highlander Padraig Boyd travels from Caedmaray Island to his father’s childhood home of Darlyrede House in Northumberland, England. Padraig aims to reclaim the estate that was taken from his family, helped by Lucan Montague, a knight tasked by King Henry to investigate who is the true claimant. But Darlyrede’s current owner, Lord Vaughn Hargrave, is not about to give up the land. While the investigation stalls, Lucan asks Beryl, a maid to Lady Hargrave, to tutor Padraig on the ways of British nobility, and as she does, the pair develop a powerful connection—until Padraig discovers that Beryl is actually Iris Montague, Lucan’s sister, and has infiltrated Darlyrede to find clues connecting Hargrave to the fire that destroyed her parents’ lives and family home. Heartbroken at this perceived betrayal, Padraig leaves Darlyrede, abandoning his claim to the property—but he returns when he learns that Iris is in danger. The slow-building romance between Iris and Padraig is enhanced by the complex mystery surrounding Darlyrede, and Grothaus hints at even more intrigue to come in future installments. Series readers won’t want to miss this. (Feb.)