cover image Managing Millie

Managing Millie

Susan Pope Sloan. Wild Heart, $2.99 e-book (330p) ASIN BOBWSBQFQ8

Sloan (Loving Lydia) wraps up the Rescued Hearts of the Civil War series with a lively tale of young lovers driven apart by the ravages of war. It’s 1864, and 16-year-old Millie Gibson lives in Campbell County, Ga., with her stepmother Lydia after her father went missing in action over a year ago. She spends her days working at the local mill and daydreaming about her cousin-by-marriage Troy McNeil, so she’s thrilled when he declares his love for her, but their passion gets out of hand. Millie later discovers that she’s pregnant, but can’t tell Troy because he is on the run to avoid being drafted into the Confederate Army. The two later cross paths, but Troy, who’s been arrested by Union soldiers on suspicions of spying, pretends not to know Millie to keep his captors from thinking she’s a spy, and she’s left heartbroken. Millie and Troy are eventually reunited and decide to be together, but soon a host of inconvenient secrets—including a revelation about Millie’s father—imperil their hopes for a peaceful life, and they must draw on God’s strength for guidance. Sloan packs the narrative with suspense, and readers will find the endearing characters easy to cheer for, especially spirited, winsome Millie and her unflagging optimism in face of even the most trying of circumstances. This roller-coaster series finale doesn’t disappoint. (July)