cover image Black Dawn

Black Dawn

Cristin Harber. Mill Creek, $4.99 e-book (286p) ASIN B00WHDPQBQ

Romance heats up a dangerous black-ops story line in Harber’s sixth Titan contemporary romantic thriller (after Hart Attack). Computer whiz Lexi Dare leads a double life. In the normal world, she’s a freelance programmer trapped in an abusive relationship with Matt, a manipulative drunkard. But this former foster kid with a troubled past is really elite hacker SilverChaos, who handles the toughest jobs that her boss, Shadow, can send her. When Matt finally pushes her too far, Lexi finds temporary shelter with secret crush Parker Black. Under stress, the two admit their mutual attraction, but Lexi is determined to stand on her own. Little does she know that Parker is also BlackDawn, a black-ops agent from Shadow’s company who’s shared an online flirtation with SilverChaos for months. Their identities are revealed when the two have to team up on a deadly mission to stop a terrorist plot, and they’re forced to confess their true feelings. Harber gives readers a pair of strong, stubborn, and extremely competent lovers caught up in a world of subterfuge and danger. Readers will cheer Lexi’s strength and Parker’s tenderness amid tense action and steamy sex. (BookLife)