cover image The Wolf of Oren-yaro

The Wolf of Oren-yaro

K.S. Villoso. Liam’s Vigil Publishing, , $3.99 ASIN B0772XDV68

Villoso (Sapphire’s Flight) begins her Annals of the Bitch Queen series with this remarkable tale of nonstop tension, action, and betrayal. In a fantasy realm, Queen Talyien’s position has become increasingly untenable. Five years ago, Prince Rayyel, her husband, left the night before their joint crowning, which was to have brought peace to their war-torn kingdom of Jin-Sayeng. Instead, Talyien has ruled alone as best she could. She eventually receives a letter from Rayyel asking her to meet him in the city of Anzhao, across the sea in the Zarojo Empire, but assassins interrupt the meeting and Tal finds herself alone with Khine, a local chance-met con, as her sole ally. Fearing to trust officials of Anzhao and not knowing the fate of Rayyel, Talyien risks a journey to the city of Zorheng, only to find that its prince, Yuebek, has designs on her hand and kingdom. Villoso’s allusions to mad dragons and magical entities will leave readers wanting more of her world. Her queen is an intelligent and physically capable woman facing a whirlwind of treachery. The pace is breakneck but never exhausting. This excellent work will appeal to all readers of epic fantasy. (BookLife)