cover image Wicked Whiskey Love

Wicked Whiskey Love

Melissa Foster. World Literary, $4.99 e-book (300p) ASIN B078TNV8M6

Foster’s low-key third Whiskey standalone (after Driving Whiskey Wild) is tame and tender compared to the earlier novels. Sarah Beckley; her long-lost brother, Scott; and her two young children, Lila and Bradley, were in a car crash that badly injured Scott and Lila. The Whiskey brothers, gruff bikers with hearts of gold, stepped up to help them. Wayne “Bones” Whiskey, a respected oncologist, finds himself drawn to Sarah and her two children. He’s never been attracted to a pregnant woman before, but Sarah being six months along—a condition stemming from being raped by her ex, Lewis—doesn’t faze him. Sarah, cautious from her previous experiences with men, is reluctant to let Bones in; he’s persistent, but doesn’t rush her. As they grow closer, it’s clear that Bones is the partner and father figure that Sarah and her kids need, but they fear that Lewis will track Sarah down and demand custody of the children. The unusual choice of a pregnant heroine with young children bolsters this slow-paced contemporary, showing that love is always possible no matter the circumstances. Bones and Sarah’s story is fitting for Bones’s personality: contemplative, careful, and measured. Though series fans may be surprised at the relative absence of romantic urgency, they’ll still love this sweet and relaxing tale. (BookLife)