cover image A Twist of Wyrd

A Twist of Wyrd

PJ Friel. PJ Friel, $3.99 e-book (384p) ASIN B07BKSKZKX

Romance blends with Norse mythology in this fast-paced debut. PI Bryn is secretly an Outlander, a being from another world where Odin rules. Odin has trapped her on Earth, where she has spent her life hiding from the dark and hating the Outlanders the dark reminds her of. After Bryn witnesses an attempt on an Outlander mob boss’s life, she finds out the attack is tied to a murder she’s investigating as a PI. As she works with the mobster’s bodyguard, Trygg, they fall for each other, but both are hiding secrets: Bryn wants no one to know she’s a princess in the Outlander world, and Trygg rescued her as a child and promised to protect her. In addition, he struggles to control his berserker rage, and she’s ignoring her powerful magic abilities that remind her too much of home. Trygg’s chivalry sometimes borders on the chauvinistic, but Bryn is always willing to knock him down a peg. Readers looking for plenty of steamy love scenes and a strong heroine who refuses to be a damsel in distress will appreciate this humorous, action-filled paranormal. (BookLife)