cover image Terminal Rage

Terminal Rage

A.M. Khalifa, read by Scott Brick. Mavenhill Audio, , unabridged, digital download, 10.5 hrs., $29.99 ASIN B07D5J4H6W

The audio production of Khalifa’s twisty thriller begins with a terrorist takeover of a Manhattan skyscraper and features a spirited reading by Brick. Former FBI agent Alex Blackwell initially sounds annoyed as he is dragged from retirement to handle a hostage situation in a New York City high-rise. His attitude shifts to that of a determined professional when Seth, the terrorist leader, demands a safe escape and a trade —the kidnapped daughter of an influential senator for the release of two bombers imprisoned in Egypt. Once the deal is struck and completed, Blackwell vows to hunt down Seth, and his quest is interrupted by chapters featuring Sam Morgan, a Southern California software developer who’s lured to a new job in New York City. The way the stories connect is clever and shocking. The plot hops around the globe, giving Brick’s international accents a workout—from credible Australian, Egyptian, and German accents to a questionable Caribbean one. Brick’s clipped, precise performance smooths out some rough spots in Khalifa’s prose and, more importantly, makes the most of the surprising finale. The result is a totally satisfying audiobook. A Mavenhill paperback. (BookLife)