cover image Safe Passage

Safe Passage

Rachel Ford. Rachel Ford, $4.99 e-book (320p) ASIN B07NQL5XX9

Ford (the Time Travelling Taxman books) launches an adventure series with this fun and unexpectedly tender-hearted novel featuring plucky space pirates in love. Software engineer Kay Ellis is on the run from the Conglomerate, a powerful organized crime syndicate for whom she designed Deltaseal, the ultimate digital security system. Knowing it’s only a matter of time before the Conglomerate assassinates her to protect their investment, Kay accepts a rescue from Magdalene Landon, fiery captain of the pirate vessel The Black Flag, in exchange for the very information the Conglomerate wants to destroy: how to crack Deltaseal and rob them of trillions of dollars. As she and the mixed-species crew of The Black Flag plan their big heist, Kay first bonds with shipmate Frank and then discovers, to her surprise, that she’s falling for Magdalene, who closed herself off after the death of a previous lover. After Kay is almost killed during an attempted kidnapping, Magdalene realizes she can no longer deny her interest in Kay. There’s no steamy content on the page, making this a perfect all-ages story for fans of space adventure. (BookLife)