cover image The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

Kate Karyus Quinn. Little Fish, $2.99 e-book (334p) ASIN B07PQVY1CM

In Quinn’s quirky romantic comedy, a not-quite-widowed woman falls for her husband’s brother. Jenna is bummed when the rights fall through for her stage codirecting debut, Dirty Annie (Annie with a naughty twist). Her feelings are much more complicated when Will O’Leary arrives with the news that his older brother, Danny, has awoken from a 12-year-long coma. Danny and Jenna secretly got married right before the accident that put him in the coma, and she miscarried their baby shortly after. Unable to cope, she fled, and has felt guilty ever since. Now Danny, who thinks it’s only been a year since the accident, is asking for Jenna. Will wants to take her back to Buffalo—and when Will and Danny’s mother hears about Dirty Annie, she invites the entire cast to perform for Danny. So, with her friend’s gastrointestinally challenged dog, Pippin, in tow, Jenna sets out for home with the hunky Will. Along the way, they rediscover a friendship forged during Jenna and Danny’s not so perfect relationship, delight in a shared love of show tunes, and explore their smoldering chemistry. There are plenty of funny moments (the riotous production of Dirty Annie is a highlight), but Quinn (Down with the Shine) doesn’t sugarcoat Danny’s plight. Readers won’t be able to resist Jenna’s bittersweet and satisfying journey of the heart. (BookLife)