cover image Nine Years of Silver

Nine Years of Silver

Parker Foye. Tenebrosity, $2.99 e-book (80p) ASIN B07QBR7C1Y

Foye (Mage of Inconvenience) reunites former lovers amid the search for a killer in the eerie, opaque paranormal romance that kicks off the Love Has Claws series. Bounty Hunter Briar Augustin’s pursuit of killer Dupont leads him to return to his hometown of Lastings after 10 years away. He visits the local witch for guidance, and she tells him he will only find Dupont with the help of Quinn Lawrence, Briar’s literally monstrous first love. Briar tracks down the reclusive Quinn, a shadowy figure with pointed teeth and webbed hands and feet who was “born with salt in his heart.” He initially refuses to cooperate with Briar, but eventually icy exteriors give way to renewed tenderness between the couple, and Quinn reveals that he has a treasure that Dupont wants, though he won’t say what it is. Concrete details of time and place are glossed over to give the tale a mythic feel as Foye’s strange, evocative prose builds atmosphere. This complex, ethereal love story will keep readers on their toes. (Self-published)