cover image The Slide into Ruin

The Slide into Ruin

Bronwyn Stuart. Tule, $4.99 e-book (412p) ASIN B087WJK8TH

A former pirate rescues the daughter of a duke from an unwanted marriage in Stuart’s pitch-perfect second Daughters of Disgrace Regency romance (after The Road to Ruin). When Jonathan Meddington, the bastard son of the Earl of Wickham, was shipped away from England by his cruel father, he reinvented himself as the pirate Darius. Now Darius plans to go legitimate, becoming a captain for a Boston trading company owned by Deklin Montrose. Montrose sends Darius back to England for the first time in years to collect money owed the company by three powerful men, one of whom is the Duke of Penfold, whose beautiful daughter, Eliza, soon catches Darius’s eye. When Darius learns that the duke is dead and that Darius’s half-brother, Harold, the Earl of Wickham’s dastardly legitimate son, plans to trap Eliza into marriage for her dowry, he proposes to her himself to protect her from falling into Harold’s clutches. She agrees, but the purely practical reasons for their marriage are complicated by their mutual attraction and slow-building trust. Darius’s evolution from a man seeking vengeance against his father to one willing to risk it all for love enhances the poignancy of this romance, while the many twists and turns add to the tension. Readers will be hooked from the very first page. Agent: Moe Ferrera, BookEnds. (Sept.)