cover image Nothing But Cowboy

Nothing But Cowboy

Justine Davis. Tule, $3.99 e-book (318p) ASIN B08TQVXTH4

Davis launches the Raffertys of Last Stand series, a spin-off of her Texas Justice series, with a touching tale centered on the oldest Rafferty brother. When Keller Rafferty signed up to foster Lucas, an orphaned 13-year-old with no living relatives, he thought it would be a temporary arrangement to get Lucas out of a group home. He never expected that he and his family would become so attached so quickly. But right as Keller decides to make things official by adopting Lucas, a woman named Sydney Brock shows up at his door, claiming to be Lucas’s long-lost cousin. Protective Keller is wary, suspicious—and attracted. While waiting for a DNA test to prove she’s telling the truth, Sydney spends time with the Raffertys and is quickly taken by their tight bond and solid roots. Having grown up moving all over the world with parents who saw her as a burden, she longs for unwavering love and stability—and she might just find it with Keller. New readers may feel they’re missing some backstory for skipping the Texas Justice series, but the slow burning relationship stands on its own. Keller and Sydney both use their tough exteriors to hide fragile hearts, and the result is a strong pairing that readers will root for. [em](June) [/em]