cover image Foxhunt


Rem Wigmore. Queen of Swords, $4.99 e-book (320p) ASIN B09897J93H

Earth is much changed in this dazzling solarpunk novel from Wigmore (Riverwitch). Civilization has pulled itself back from the brink of climate apocalypse with the institution of new laws and customs that preserve and protect the planet. Human greed is kept in check by the mythic Order of the Vengeful Wild, hunters-for-hire who are called into action when someone commits crimes that endanger the well-being of the planet. When the singer Orfeus becomes a target of the Wolf, one of the Order, she’s determined to discover who took out the contract on her, since she has committed no such crime. Dealing with both the Order and the Elders of Eldergrove, who demand answers about how Orfeus has the Blood, their closely guarded nanites that grant abilities likened to magic, Orfeus is surrounded by those she isn’t sure she can trust—but she has no choice but to turn to them for help when people start to go missing. It’s an inclusive, optimistic vision of the future, rounded out by beautiful imagery and an effortlessly diverse cast. This enthralling story is a winner. (Aug.)