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New York Times bestselling author David Weber and nationally bestselling author Jacob Holo have teamed up again to bring sci-fi fans the next installment in the Gordian Protocol series. Both authors join Books on Tap Live to discuss their new, action-packed sequel, The Valkyrie Protocol, hitting shelves this September.

This explosive, time-traveling, space opera opens with a shocking discovery made by Agent Raibert Kaminski and the crew of the Transtemporal Vehicle Kleio. Out in the unknown reaches of the multiverse the crew finds a temporal implosion has claimed two whole universes, and time is running out to solve the mystery. While Raibert and his crew don’t know what caused it, they do know one thing. Reckless time travel was involved.

Back on their home universe, SysGov, Raibert’s old colleagues propose an expedition into the past to branch the timeline by preventing the Plague of Justinian, one of the worst pandemics in human history. Meanwhile, SysGov’s ostensibly friendly multiverse neighbor, the xenophobic Admin, is amassing a fleet of advanced, heavily armed time machines with SysGov firmly in the crosshairs.

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Valkrie authors

David Weber has over eight million books in print with thirty titles on the New York Times bestseller list. His popular Honor Harrington and Honorverse series have appeared on over 20 bestseller lists including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and USA TODAY. Honorverse collaborations on the spin-off miniseries, Manticore Ascendant, with New York Times bestselling author Timothy Zahn and on the titles, Crown of Slaves and Cauldron of Ghosts, with Eric Flint have also garnered spots on international bestseller lists as well as The New York Times.

Jacob Holo is a sci-fi author whose most recent work is a collaboration with New York Times bestselling author David Weber on the Gordian Protocol series, which includes the national bestseller The Gordian Protocol. He is the author of a number of indie novels including the military sci-fi novel The Dragons of Jupiter, the mecha space opera trilogy Seraphim Revival, and the YA urban fantasy Time Reavers, which was a Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Book of 2014. He also wrote the YA steampunk fantasy The Wizard’s Way with his wife, H.P. Holo.

John Maher

John Maher is news and digital editor at Publishers Weekly and cofounder of the animation journalism publication the Dot and Line. He has written for New York magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and Esquire, among others.

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