Publishers Weekly Submission Guidelines

All titles must be submitted for review consideration via GalleyTracker and include a digital galley, and we ask that publishers also submit two physical galleys for each title for which galleys are available.

>> If you are a self-published author interested in submitting your book for review consideration, please do so via BookLife.

>> If you are a traditional publisher or a freelance publicist, you must submit title information using PW's GalleyTracker platform. This intuitive, easy-to-use system will assist you in submitting review copies (both physical copies and e-galleys) and allow you to preview and supplement title metadata, and also to keep track of the status of any title submitted for review as it progresses through the reviewing process. You can set up your free account here.

>> Children's titles have separate guidelines, below.

>> Publishers Weekly reviews Canadian books. See details here.

>> Publishers Weekly offers paid, guaranteed reviews for indie publishers via BookLife Reviews. Find out more here.

>>For Job Moves submissions use this form.

General submission guidelines

Submissions must be sent three (3) months—preferably four (4)—prior to the 1st day of the month of publication.

For all submissions, you must submit a digital galley using our GalleyTracker platform. We do not accept e-galleys via NetGalley or Edelweiss, due to our need to protect reviewer anonymity. In addition, if print galleys are available for a title, we ask that you send in two (2) copies for every title submitted for consideration. Submissions of a single copy will not be considered. Please note that we cannot accept galleys that are unbound. For poetry titles, please do not send physical copies; we review poetry titles from digital galleys only.

All galleys should have the following information on the cover:

- Title
- Author
- Price
- Publisher and imprint
- Format
- Number of pages in the finished book
- 13-digit ISBN
- Month and day of publication
- Distribution arrangements
- Publicity contact information

An accompanying letter should contain a description or synopsis of the book, and any pertinent publicity information, including the author's previous titles, blurbs, or previous reviews. Book club, paperback, audio or movie rights sales, author tours of 5 cities or more, a print run of more than 10,000 or an ad/promo budget of more than $30,000 should be noted.

Please include a separate cover sheet or letter for each copy of every title submitted.

Finished books and bound manuscripts are acceptable for submission. Please clearly mark them "In Lieu of Galleys." Unbound F&Gs are acceptable only for submission of heavily illustrated books.

To be considered for review, books must have U.S. distribution. We review books in the following categories: Nonfiction, Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror, Romance/Erotica, Poetry, Comics, and Lifestyle (cooking, gardening & home, health & fitness, and parenting). Again, children's titles have their own guidelines (see below). We consider self-published books for review through BookLife.

If a book is declined for a Publishers Weekly review via either GalleyTracker or BookLife, it may not be submitted again via the other platform.

PW does not review periodicals, audiobooks, textbooks, technical manuals, reissues or new editions unless 70% or more of the content is new, reference books, books of strictly regional interest, travel guides, media and game tie-ins, journals, coloring books, devotionals and prayer books, or playscripts and dramatic works. Please do not submit partial or incomplete galleys.

Please address packages to:

Publishers Weekly
Nonfiction Reviews [or "Poetry Reviews" or other relevant category]
49 West 23rd Street
Ninth Floor
New York, NY 10010

Please do not call or email to check on the status of a review. We cannot and do not supply information about whether or when a book will be reviewed. Publishers who submit titles for review consideration via GalleyTracker will receive status updates through Galleytracker.

Children's book submission guidelines

Publishers Weekly reviews children's books in every issue. All of our reviews appear in advance of publication. Therefore, we request that titles submitted to us for review consideration be submitted at least four months prior to publication date. (We realize that this is not always possible; we will make exceptions when we can.)

All titles must be submitted via GalleyTracker and include a digital galley. In addition, when physical galleys or f&gs are available, please submit two copies to the address below. Physical copies without a GalleyTracker submission cannot be considered for review.

Only books written for children will be considered for review. Please do not submit books aimed at parents or teachers.

Please note that we cannot review from photocopies or manuscript pages. If you do not have typeset galleys or F&Gs, then please submit a finished copy of your book as soon as possible. Again, we will try to make exceptions to our lead-time policy when we can. Only books with a national distribution channel in place will be considered for review. We do not review revised editions or subsequent titles in an established series. Please also note that we rarely provide full review coverage to children's guidebooks, activity books, cookbooks, or reference books.

All physical children's book submissions should be sent to:

Children's Book Reviews
Publishers Weekly
49 West 23rd Street
Ninth Floor
New York, NY 10010

Digital galleys must be submitted through our GalleyTracker platform.

Along with the books, please include the following information: price, ISBN, age level of readers (in years, not in school grades), page count, and publication month.

Please bear in mind that we are able to review only a fraction of the children's books that are published each season; because of space limitations, we have to be very selective. Sending a book to us by no means guarantees you a review. But we look forward to seeing your submissions.

Guidelines for books from Canadian publishers

Publishers Weekly reviews Canadian books. By Canadian books, we mean books published by publishing houses based in Canada, both independents and Canadian branches of multinationals. The focus will be on Canadian authors, but international authors published in Canada will also be included. The reviews of Canadian books appear in PW's regular review section.

To submit a Canadian book for review consideration, follow the general guidelines above for adult titles and send to:

Canadian Book Reviews
Publishers Weekly
49 West 23rd Street
Ninth Floor
New York, NY 10010

Publishers should note if they have North American rights or if the book is being published in the U.S., and if so by who and when.

Canadian children's books should be sent to:

Children's Book Reviews
Publishers Weekly
49 West 23rd Street
Ninth Floor
New York, NY 10010

Artificial Intelligence Policy

PW requires any individual submitting a title for review to disclose whether and how artificial intelligence was used in the creation of the work. We distinguish between AI-generated and AI-assisted.

AI-generated includes material created by an AI tool, whether text or images. If any content in a work originated with artificial intelligence, it is considered AI-generated.

AI-assisted material includes text or images that were created by a human being, and then refined or otherwise modified using AI tools. Such uses could include, for instance, copyediting, proofreading, fact-checking, or image editing.

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