cover image Eye of the Tempest

Eye of the Tempest

Nicole Peeler. Orbit, $7.99 mass market (352p) ISBN 978-0-316-12808-7

The fourth Jane True installment (after Tracking the Tempest) brings even more sass, snark, and supernatural action. Jane and her lover, Anyan, get just one day of resting at home in Rockabill after a life-threatening, life-changing adventure before being attacked again. Using all her powers to save them, Jane falls into a coma for a month, awakening to a transformed Rockabill: its inhabitants fall into zombie-like trances, graffiti is everywhere, and strangers are lurking about. Jane and her friend Blondie must find a mythological force hidden in the town and open the four locks guarding it before it falls into the wrong hands. There's enough plot to make a satisfying novella, padded out mostly by Jane's frequent asides and scenes of sexual tension between her and Anyan. (Aug.)