Fair Game: An Alpha and Omega Novel

Patricia Briggs. Ace, $26.95 (304p) ISBN 978-0-441-02003-4

Briggs's third installation in the Alpha and Omega series (after Hunting Ground) suffuses a paranormal procedural with political conflict and relationship issues between dominant Alpha werewolf Charles Cornick and his Omega mate Anna Latham. Now that werewolves have come out to humans, Charles must act as his father's enforcer and assassin to eliminate members of the pack that stir up bad publicity. However, Charles complies not for a love of the hunt, but rather to please his father, Bran. To give Charles a break from the constant killing, Bran sends his son and Anna to Boston to help the FBI on a decades-long paranormal serial murder investigation that soon involves black magic and the fae. Briggs enhances the excitement of the case by integrating it with Anna and Charles's relationship, the dialogue between Charles the man and his Brother Wolf, how both are affected by his hunting, and Anna's determination to help her mate. Though this thrilling page-turner occasionally suffers from Briggs's heavy-handed politics, fans of the series and newcomers alike will still find plenty of excitement to keep them happily engaged. (Mar.)