cover image Damage Control

Damage Control

Robert Dugoni, . . Warner, $24.99 (406pp) ISBN 978-0-446-57870-7

Well-connected Seattle attorney Dana Hill has everything going for her in this undemanding page-turner from bestseller Dugoni (The Jury Master ) until, in the span of a few days, she's diagnosed with breast cancer, she catches her husband in an extramarital affair, and her beloved twin brother, James, is murdered during an apparently botched robbery. An exotic lost earring left at the scene of James's killing leads Dana to suspect there's more to his death than meets the eye, and sure enough, as she begins tracing the earring's obscure origin, people who could supply information are assassinated right and left. Dana's determination to collar her brother's killer draws her into a showdown with a villain who will stop at nothing to eliminate the threat she poses. While most of the supporting characters are one-dimensional servants to the fast-moving plot, a few twists will surprise even seasoned thriller readers. (Feb.)