cover image The Book for Dangerous Women: A Guide to Modern Life

The Book for Dangerous Women: A Guide to Modern Life

Clare Conville, Liz Hoggard, and Sara-Jane Lovett. Grove, $20 (336p) ISBN 978-0-8021-2018-2

Conville, Hoggard, and Lovett cover every imaginable topic in this hilarious and helpful guide to modern womanhood. Alphabetized for easy reference, the authors address the expected subjects%E2%80%94babies and finances among them%E2%80%94but also provide good advice, genuine insight, and stunningly funny takes on more off-beat topics, ranging from cold showers; "Daddy Damage;" prethreaded needles; oysters; and orgasms. Words of wisdom are occasionally tongue-in-cheek (e.g., "Don't ring your divorce lawyer until you've stopped crying."), but this witty trio provides plenty of practical wisdom: when visiting someone in the hospital, bring magazines and fruit, but no flowers; "Sentimentality [h]as its place but don't major on it;" "Be aware of how your emotions affect the way you behave with money." The authors also include extensive quotes, credits, a bibliography, and a rich list of suggested music (e.g., Joni Mitchell's "All I Want"), films (e.g., Woody Allen's Annie Hall), books (e.g., Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead), and "Can't Live Without Websites" (including one for "saucy knickers"). Originally published in England, the intermittent Britishisms might occasionally confuse, but they rarely detract from the scope and fun of this timely tome. (May)