cover image My Cousin Momo

My Cousin Momo

Zachariah OHora. Dial, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-8037-4011-2

The furry squirrel who narrates OHora’s tale has told everyone that his visiting cousin Momo can fly. It’s true—Momo is a flying squirrel—but when he arrives, he proves to be a tubby, shy fellow. With enormous eyes, a striped headband, and a camera strapped around his neck, Momo is a clear outsider; worse, his idea of playing superheroes is to dress up as a gigantic muffin. “That doesn’t even make sense,” says the narrator’s younger sister in disgust. Momo knows he’s being snubbed; in a sad moment, he packs his bag, tears running down his face. The squirrel siblings repent and try things Momo’s way, joining him as pastry superheroes (“Pastry Power!”). OHora (No Fits, Nilson!) could paint stones in the street and make them funny. He often gets laughs from visually adorable characters whose emotions are at odds with their fuzzy cuteness; when the squirrel siblings set their faces in icy glares and curl their furry fists, the effect is delicious. Momo’s Mary Poppins–style departure is a quiet delight, too. Ages 3–5. Agent: Sean McCarthy, Sean McCarthy Literary Agency. (June)