cover image The Ghosts of Sherwood

The Ghosts of Sherwood

Carrie Vaughn., $11.99 trade paper (112p) ISBN 978-1-250-75211-6

Vaughn (the Kitty Norville Series) turns her formidable talents to the legend of Robin Hood in this impeccable novella and series launch. When Robin of Loxley learned of the death of heroic King Richard, he reluctantly swore loyalty to Richard’s wicked brother, King John. Though the decision caused tension among Robin’s former merry band, it enabled Robin and his beloved wife, Marian, to settle down and raise their children in peace. But when a band of rogues kidnap the three Locksley children, the aging Robin and Marian brave Sherwood Forest once again, reuniting with old friends as they confront a new threat. Vaughn brings nuance and empathy to Robin of Loxley, granting him the dignity of age without detracting from the sprightliness that animates his youthful incarnations, but her true triumph is in the characterization of the Locksley children as they try to escape their abductors: Mary, the oldest, will need to marry soon; John, the middle child and only boy, struggles with the burden of his father’s legacy; and the phenomenally clever youngest child, Eleanor, is nonverbal. Vaughn’s masterful worldbuilding and lovable cast promise more good things to come in future adventures. Agent: Seth Fishman, Gernert Company. (June)