cover image A Complicated Love Story Set in Space

A Complicated Love Story Set in Space

Shaun David Hutchinson. Simon & Schuster, $19.99 (464p) ISBN 978-1-5344-4853-7

This queer sci-fi romance from Hutchinson (The State of Us) finds three teens in space with no clue how they got there. Noa North fell asleep in Seattle before abruptly awakening in a spacesuit outside the starship Qriosity. DJ Storm was showering in Florida one minute, and in the ship’s reactor room the next. And Jenny Price went from reading in Rhode Island to being trapped in Qriosity’s bathroom. After DJ and Noa save the vessel from an imminent explosion—and Jenny escapes the latrine—the trio attempts to reboot the main computer. Doing so initiates the ship’s Phone Home protocol, which uses the Quantum Fold Drive to send them randomly through space every 19 hours until they happen across Earth. Their situation devolves into a string of increasingly bizarre mysteries that stymie sleuth Jenny, and though sparks fly between DJ and Noa, inner demons and actual monsters threaten their shared future. Through Noa’s first-person narrative, Hutchinson skillfully balances high-stakes action and mind-bending plot twists with humor and profundity. The result is a wildly ambitious, wackily imaginative tale that will leave readers craving a sequel. Ages 14–up. Agent: Katie Shea Boutillier, Donald Maass Literary. (Jan.)