cover image Life’s Too Short

Life’s Too Short

Abby Jimenez. Forever, $15.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-1-5387-1566-6

Jimenez delivers a swoony and heartfelt third Friend Zone romance (after The Happy Ever After Playlist) about navigating life’s difficulties. Vanessa Price is a 28-year-old YouTube star who travels the world using her platform to raise money and awareness for ALS. With a 50% chance that she has inherited the disease, she’s determined to live her best life now because she may not make it to age 30. But her adventures are cut short when her half-sister drops off Vanessa’s infant niece, Grace, at her door and never comes back, catapulting Vanessa into the role of mother figure overnight. Vanessa’s neighbor, the sexy and successful lawyer Adrian Copeland, is a workaholic with little time for a personal life—until an earsplitting four a.m. meltdown from Grace brings him to Vanessa’s door with an offer of help. Vanessa and Adrian’s meet-cute develops into a steadfast friendship and eventually a slow-burn romance. But with Vanessa’s health deteriorating, will their relationship survive after Adrian finds out that Vanessa may not? Jimenez masterfully blends heavy issues and humor, lacing the tear-jerking heartache with sass and sarcasm. Series fans and newcomers alike will be moved by this emotional rom-com. [em]Agent: Stacey Graham, 3 Seas Literary. (Apr.) [/em]