cover image Part of Your World

Part of Your World

Abby Jimenez. Forever, $15.99 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-1-5387-0437-0

The charm and communal spirit of a small town bring an unlikely couple together in this layered, soul-stirring romance from Jimenez (Life’s Too Short). Alexis Montgomery and her twin brother, Derek, have been groomed since birth to follow in their famous father’s footsteps, continuing the family legacy of excellence and philanthropy at Royaume Northwestern Hospital. ER doctor Alexis was content to let Derek bear the mantel, but when he chooses to marry for love instead of station, his parents disown him and put all the pressure on Alexis. Overwhelmed by her father’s expectations—among them that she should reconcile with her emotionally abusive ex—Alexis escapes the city on regular visits to the enchanting small town of Wakan. There she meets laid-back carpenter Daniel Grant, who’s 10 years her junior and everything her parents would hate. Through Daniel, Alexis learns what unwavering love and support feel like, but with both of them entrenched in separate worlds, will they be able to make it work? Jimenez dexterously tackles class difference and shades her endearing side characters with as much care as her lovable leads. The result is an emotional roller coaster centered on love as a source of empowerment. Agent: Stacey Graham, 3 Seas Literary (Apr.)