cover image Kamila Knows Best

Kamila Knows Best

Farah Heron. Forever, $15.99 trade paper (368p) ISBN 978-1-5387-3500-8

A vibrant depiction of the South Asian community in Ontario, Canada, and an endearing cast led by a Bollywood-loving hero and a fashionista heroine set Heron’s retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma apart from the pack. Family friends Kamila Hussain and Rohan Nasser have known each other most of their lives. Now that Kamila’s sister, who’s married to Rohan’s brother, has moved away, Rohan’s taken on a much larger role in helping Kamila care for her ailing father. Though Kamila delights in matchmaking for her friends, her own personal life is a whirlwind between her volunteer work, familial obligations, and career, with no room for love. The return of her longtime nemesis, Jana, only complicates her life further—especially when Jana seems to set her cap for Rohan. Through a series of revelations, Kamila comes to reevaluate her life and recognize the love that’s been right in front of her all along. Heron (Accidentally Engaged) enhances the romance with an exploration of familial expectations and Kamila’s conflicting desire to both fulfill and defy her father’s wishes. Both Austenites and movie fans who fondly remember Clueless will be delighted. Agent: Rachel Brooks, BookEnds Literary. (Mar.)