cover image Worldsoul


Liz Williams. Prime (, $14.95 trade paper (288p) ISBN 978-1-60701-295-5

Williams (Banner of Souls) explores the great nexus city of Worldsoul and its wondrous Library, which acts as a gateway to numerous worlds of the Liminality, in this disjointed series opener. Librarian Mercy Fane links up with the mysterious alchemist Shadow, who inhabits a Persian-based world and has been accidentally possessed by an ifrit. The two are soon at odds with Jonathan Deed, the Abbot General of the Court, who has his own possession issues with the Norse god Loki. Short chapters and multiple settings and viewpoints make the early parts of the novel choppy, not allowing the narrative the time to really get moving. The Liminality and the recent disappearance of the Skein who once monitored the worlds offer tremendous options for stories, and with two sequels in the works, Williams certainly has the opportunity. This first book, however, hints at the possibilities rather than taking full advantage of them. Agent: Shawna McCarthy, the McCarthy Agency. (June)