cover image The Iron Khan

The Iron Khan

Liz Williams, . . Night Shade, $24.95 (256pp) ISBN 978-1-59780-164-5

Det. Insp. Chen's fifth investigation (after 2009's The Shadow Pavilion ) takes him to the Gobi Desert and an ancient sorcerer who's assembling an army of demons and the undead. Chen's original task is to find an intelligent magical book that may have “stolen itself” in an attempt to change reality. Meanwhile, his former partner, demon Zhu Irzh, is on the trail of the Iron Khan, a murderous tyrant who's been scheming for millennia to conquer Asia. Chen and Zhu Irzh have their hands full even with the assistance of a ghostly Russian explorer and a young samurai. Williams continues to expand her unique future Asia, stuffing it with lively characters, chop-socky action, demonic intrigue, amazing magic, and a tasty dash of screwball comedy. This fantasy mystery adventure will delight readers who crave originality and excitement. (Feb.)