cover image Fall and Rising

Fall and Rising

Sunny Moraine. Riptide (, $19.99 trade paper (432p) ISBN 978-1-62649-301-8

In this exciting space opera adventure, Moraine continues the story begun in Line and Orbit, picking up with lovers Adam Yuga and Lochlan on the run from the Terran Protectorate. Together, they represent a cure to the genetic disease afflicting the people of the Protectorate. The powers-that-be consider disease unacceptable to their doctrine of perfection, but would rather shun the sufferers than cure them. When the two fugitives accidentally end up in a secret quarantine camp, their efforts to escape may spark the larger conflict no one wanted to happen. Meanwhile, aboard one of the homeships of the nomadic Bideshi, a young woman has to choose between love and duty when she's called to assume the role of spiritual leader, a decision that will affect thousands of lives. Moraine skillfully weaves action, romance, and adventure into a page-turning drama. They successfully combine science fiction tropes and mysticism to create a satisfying, provocative hybrid in which spaceships go hand-in-hand with magical healing and psychic visions. The queer romances at the heart of the story are honest and engaging. It's recommended, though not necessary, for readers to start with the first installment. (Sept.)