cover image Soul to Keep

Soul to Keep

Garrett Leigh. Riptide, $17.99 trade paper (236p) ISBN 978-1-62649-689-7

In this emotionally raw romance, a loose sequel to Rented Heart, two men who both bear the physical and emotional scars of their respective pasts come together for healing and companionship. Recovering drug addict Jamie Yorke, looking to rediscover purpose in his life, moves to the small English town of Matlock Bath, which he picked at random. There he meets Marc Ramsey, a doctor and former Army medic still coming to terms with the leg he lost in the service, who hires Jamie to help around the house. What starts off as a way to keep them both focused on leading healthy, productive lives quickly grows into something deeper, and they move from friendship to love. They’re undoubtedly good for one another, but they have issues to overcome, especially Jamie’s self-doubt and struggle to remain clean. This is a gritty, visceral tale, with Jamie’s addiction problems and Marc’s traumatic past constantly affecting the narrative. The easy chemistry and positive connection between the two leads fuels a believable, satisfying relationship in which they’re compatible everywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom, and it’s easy to root for their happiness. (Apr.)