The Rock Star’s Guide to Getting Your Man

Ashlyn Kane. Dreamspinner, $16.99 trade paper (288p) ISBN 978-1-64405-993-7
With this diverting contemporary romance, Kane (Fake Dating the Prince) reconnects rocker Jeff Pine with Carter Rhodes, his former BFF and unrequited crush, after 15 years apart. Jeff returns to his hometown of Willow Sound to avoid his band’s looming album deadline, find himself, and make peace with his past. He gets distracted from these goals when he and wholesome workaholic Carter, “Canada’s dreamiest park ranger,” reunite and fall in love. Kane gives the men plenty of issues to deal with, from attending Carter’s father’s funeral and Carter breaking his foot on a nature outing, to Jeff potentially going away on tour and planning to leave his label. Kane breaks up the story into lessons learned by Jeff along the way (“Lesson Four: The Truth Will Set You Free but in, Like, Absolutely the Most Terrifying and Inconvenient Way Possible”). It feels like an unnecessary framework; far more successful are the clever media reports interspersed throughout, which add detail and shading to Jeff’s characterization. This romance is best when the guys slow down and enjoy the quiet life, having campfire nights rather than grappling with the paparazzi, so it’s disappointing when the band’s drama overtakes the story’s second half. Still, there’s plenty of charm to this second chance romance. (Oct.)
Reviewed on : 07/27/2021
Genre: Romance/Erotica
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