cover image Director’s Cut

Director’s Cut

Carlyn Greenwald. Vintage, $18 trade paper (336p) ISBN 978-0-593-46822-7

Transcending traditional contemporary romance tropes to put a spotlight on the intersections of love and mental health, this deliciously spicy and achingly sweet romance showcases Greenwald (Sizzle Reel) at her best. Valeria Sullivan has it all: a stellar acting career, a directorial debut under her belt, wealth, a hard-earned PhD, and a family who supports her—mostly. For all her accomplishments, however, the media’s focused on only one thing: she’s a recently out lesbian. When her anxiety over being so narrowly identified threatens to overwhelm her, she returns to her roots in academia, co-teaching a class at USC with the beautiful and talented Maeve Arko. The women’s professional relationship gets off to a predictably rocky start driven by false perceptions and preconceived notions. With a little help from Val’s friend, Charlie, however, she begins to untangle the web of assumptions and live as her authentic, multifaceted, dynamic self. The romance with Maeve is lovely, but even more compelling is Val’s personal growth as she works through social and internal barriers to love. Add in plenty of pop culture references, and the result is romance gold. Agent: Janine Kamouh, WME. (June)