cover image The Fiancé Dilemma

The Fiancé Dilemma

Elena Armas. Atria, $19.99 trade paper (448p) ISBN 978-1-66801-134-8

Bestseller Armas (The Long Game) charms with this masterful take on the fake engagement trope. Josie Moore, 29, is known in Green Oak, N.C., as a runaway bride after walking out on four weddings. This poses a PR problem for her estranged father, Andrew Underwood, a powerful businessman who reenters her life on the eve of a magazine cover story about his successes. A daughter he abandoned whose daddy issues have kept her from finding true love won’t play well with the general public, so Andrew’s PR team suggests he salvage his image by paying for Josie’s next wedding, one he expects her to actually go through with. It’s a sweet gesture, but there’s one problem: Josie’s not currently engaged. Enter Matthew Flanagan, who has just been fired from his job with a popular gossip rag when he decides to seek out Josie, the woman his best friend Adalyn believes is his soulmate. He’s willing to fake a relationship if it means getting to know her better—and soon their blistering chemistry has them questioning whether they should try for a real relationship. Josie’s insecurities are entirely plausible, while Matthew is the perfect romantic hero—supportive, sexy, and determined to make Josie feel loved. Snappy prose and steamy love scenes make this a winner. (July)