cover image Can't Catch Me and Other Twice-Told Tales

Can't Catch Me and Other Twice-Told Tales

Michael Cadnum, Author . Tachyon $14.95 (181p) ISBN 978-1-892391-33-9

Concise writing cuts to the heart of the matter in this droll collection from National Book Award–finalist Cadnum (The Book of the Lion ), whether it be a certain gingerbread boy's overbearing parents in the title story or a ghostly Ophelia bent on her own secret revenge in "Or Be to Not." Even the most urbane bears can be brought low when entrapped by a crusading pro-human Goldilocks in "Bear It Away," while a certain giant's wife manages to create a happy ending after a young thief escapes by beanstalk in "Mrs. Big." "Medusa," "Daphne" and "Give Him the Eye" offer stark insight into the behavior of Greek gods and goddesses as well as the brutal side of love. Meanwhile, elves, no matter how gifted, find little welcome when faced with human suspicions in "Naked Little Men" and "Elf Trap," while "Together Again" gives the truth behind that old nursery rhyme about a lord named Humpty Dumpty. Both adult and YA readers will enjoy this quirky assemblage of 18 traditional tales with a modern edge. (May)