cover image Meal


Blue Delliquanti and Soleil Ho. Iron Circus, $15 trade paper (150p) ISBN 978-1-945820-30-4

In this sunny, charming foodie comic, aspiring cook Yarrow moves across America to work at a new restaurant. The twist: it’s dedicated to entomophagy, or insect-eating. A fervent believer in the future of bug cuisine, Yarrow already raises her own mealworms and whips up dishes for herself and her friends: “Fresh batch of mealworms with cinnamon and sugar... and that’s what I call breakfast!” But she has a lot to learn from stern head chef Chanda. Soon the staff is busy working with bee larvae, silkworm pupae, grasshoppers, tarantulas, and cricket flour, while Yarrow shyly pursues a romance with local mural artist Milani. Throughout, the creators drop in knowledge about gourmet cooking, restaurant work, and the history and global culture of edible insects. A manga influence shows in the outsized depictions of Yarrow’s high-energy enthusiasm, but the uncluttered, thickly inked artwork by Delliquanti (Oh Human Star) is very much her own. The diverse cast are simply drawn but the food looks delicious—and, for readers inspired by the lively cooking scenes, recipes are provided in the back. This fresh and tasty comic provides an enticing introduction to a less-traveled area of cuisine.[em] (Oct.) [/em]