cover image The Vegan Meat Cookbook: Meatless Favorites. Made with Plants.

The Vegan Meat Cookbook: Meatless Favorites. Made with Plants.

Miyoko Schinner. Ten Speed, $28 (256p) ISBN 978-1-984-85888-7

Chef Schinner (The Homemade Vegan Pantry), known as the “Queen of Vegan Cheese,” proves she knows her way around vegan meat as well, in this stellar recipe collection. She notes that despite an increasing number of vegetarians and vegans, meat consumption is on the rise in America. At the same time, there’s a growing population of “flexitarians,” who are committed to cutting down their meat intake with plant-based alternatives. With this in mind, she shares flavorful recipes, featuring both plant-based and fake meats, alongside guidance and tips that even experienced cooks will appreciate. There is much that will entice even hardcore carnivores, including a vegan meatloaf, beer-battered jackfruit “fish” and chips, and a “better-than-the-Colonel’s” take on fried chicken that’s made with tofu or chickpeas. Hearty weeknight meals including vegan beef stroganoff and stove-top tofu chicken parmigiana are just a couple of the twists on familiar fare home cooks will be delighted to try, while plant-focused offerings, such as charbroiled succulent “steak” (made with chickpeas and beets) and king trumpet mushroom “scallops” make delicious alternatives to meat substitutes. Appetizing and accessible, these recipes could just as easily enhance a meat lover’s diet as change minds about the place of plants in one’s diet. (May)