cover image Goody Shermans Pig

Goody Shermans Pig

Mary Blount Christian, Christian. Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, $12.95 (43pp) ISBN 978-0-02-718251-4

One hot day in Boston , 1636, Goody Sherman discovers that Piggy Pig has escaped from her pen. When foolish Captain Keayne finds the animal, he puts her in the pound. Since Piggy Pig's litters have always brought the poor Shermans money, Goody works her fingers to the bone so she can pay the captain's unreasonable ransom and get Piggy Pig back. When Goody finally earns enough money, she learns that the captain served the hapless porker for dinner at his latest party. So begins Goody Sherman's prolonged quest for justice through the colony's court system. The determined woman quickly discovers that the legal process is far from just; ironically, the court comes to the same conclusion. A new legislative system is developed, consisting of two separate houses; over 100 years later, this system becomes the basis of the U.S. government--all because of Piggy Pig. Based on a true story, this lively tale brims with period details and rich, colorful language. Zimmer's cartoonlike drawings augment the story's humor. Ages 7-11. (Mar.)