cover image Growin' Pains

Growin' Pains

Mary Blount Christian. MacMillan Publishing Company, $11.95 (179pp) ISBN 978-0-02-718490-7

Christian's reputation rests solidly on over 50 books for children, all written with the grace and insight that distinguish this story. In 1948, Ginny Ruth Grover is 12, living with her mother in economically depressed Clemmons, Tex., pop. 287. Ginny and her ""Maw'' are the poorest of the poor. The father, whom the girl remembers wistfully for his genial ways, has deserted his stern wife and child. Maw's parents live nearby but Ginny is forbidden to acknowledge them; her mother and grandparents haven't spoken to each other since they had objected to her marrying Grover. Yearning to ``be somebody,'' Ginny writes poems and hopes to grow into a writer, despite Maw's disapproval of wasting time that should be invested in work. As the grim winter passes, Ginny's kindness to a severely afflicted man and his wife evokes their love and concern. Their help, along with the reconciliation of Maw with her parents, are blessings that encourage Ginny to believe in herself and in better times. Readers wil root for her and all the people in Christian's remarkable novel. (1014)