cover image Godfather Cat and Mousie

Godfather Cat and Mousie

Doris Orgel. MacMillan Publishing Company, $11.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-02-768690-6

A large gray gentleman cat meets a lady mouse; the unlikely pair take up residence together in the cat's elegant townhouse. So they won't go hungry in winter months, the two purchase a pot of cream and hide it beneath the church altar. When the cupboards are empty, the sly feline slips away to indulge in the cream, telling mouse he must visit a succession of curiously named godchildren: Topoff, Halfup and Allup. Poor mouse becomes so famished that she nibbles at the wall. When cat returns with a full belly, mouse accuses him of deceit. The author has created an unexpected choice of endings, giving the traditional finish and then a new twist to this Brothers Grimm tale. (58)