cover image Oma and Bobo

Oma and Bobo

Amy Schwartz. Atheneum Books, $14.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-02-781500-9

When Alice gets a dog for her birthday, her grandmother Oma is chagrined. What to call him? ""Trouble, Bother, and Nuisance,'' suggests Oma. Alice calls him Bobo. He's a lovable mutt, but he may flunk ``fetch'' at Mr. Benjamin's School for Puppies. Oma wants a blue ribbon of achievement for Alice, so she takes Bobo in hand, seeing that he gets good food, proper exercise and extra coaching. Oma's change of heart is the center of this wry and loving family story. Schwartz's humorously detailed, evocative, pen-and-ink drawings, with full color wash, contain plenty of zest; fans of her Bea and Mr. Jones and Her Majesty, Aunt Essie won't be disappointed. This is a fine book, just right for grandparents and grandchildren to share. Ages 4-7. (March)