cover image An Egg and Seven Socks

An Egg and Seven Socks

Judith Mathews. HarperCollins Publishers, $14 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-06-020207-1

Good-natured absurdity saves the day when three resourceful sisters slay a fearsome dragon with only a sock. Lacey, Doily and Thimblethreads (who speaks only in rhyme) ``knew how to do only one thing--that was to darn socks.'' So they pass their lives in a flurry of socks until one day a wind blows through their home, carrying off seven socks and a darning egg. (An introduction explains the function of such an egg.) The siblings set out in hot pursuit--``We must get that egg back! It came from MOTHER!''--and unwittingly embark on a dragon-slaying adventure. Mathews's upbeat text contains an engaging blend of fanciful plotting, derring-do and downright silliness sure to hold kids' attention. Vivid colors and comical touches abound in Hafner's illustrations--her characters call to mind jolly Mother Goose figures. Though perhaps short on substance, this larky tale is long on chuckles. Ages 4-7. (Feb.)