cover image A Woman Betrayed

A Woman Betrayed

Barbara Delinsky. Harpertorch, $7.99 (576pp) ISBN 978-0-06-104034-4

Delinsky's ( Facets ) diverting page-turner focuses on the disintegration of a woman's picture-perfect, well-managed existence. Thirty-eight-year-old Laura Frye seems to have it all: a hardworking CPA husband, two teenagers of only average rebelliousness, a successful restaurant and catering business and a beautiful home in western Massachusetts. When her husband Jeff vanishes without a trace, she's convinced there's been foul play. But six nightmarish days after her husband disappears, an IRS agent appears at their door: Jeff is being investigated for tax fraud. Daphne Phillips, Laura's friend and lawyer, offers support, but can't stop the IRS from freezing Jeff and Laura's assets--including the funds she needs to keep her restaurant afloat--nor can she protect Laura from the local newspaper that seems viciously bent on exploiting her problems. When Laura's just about ready to crack, who should breeze in but the very man she's least prepared to cope with: Christian, Jeff's charismatic brother, the family's black sheep and, long ago, Laura's first lover. $75,000 ad/promo. (June)