cover image Scorpion Betrayal

Scorpion Betrayal

Andrew Kaplan. Harper, $9.99 mass market (464p) ISBN 978-0-06-206458-5

In this exciting follow-up to 1985’s Scorpion, Kaplan pits the deadly CIA agent known as Scorpion against the terrorist known as the Palestinian. Scorpion travels the world in an effort to catch his man and unravel the mystery of the massive terrorist incident he knows the Palestinian is orchestrating. The manhunt is overseen by the shadowy CIA National Clandestine Service deputy director Bob Harris, whom Scorpion knows to be as much his enemy as his friend. Despite being given only pieces of the information he needs, Scorpion takes the job anyway, partly because his employers are paying him a ton of money to be an independent agent, and mostly because he’s a true patriot. The intended attack, which includes the use of weaponized septicemic plague, could endanger millions of lives. The nonstop action will keep readers racing through the pages and hoping that Kaplan will put Scorpion back into action as soon as possible. Agent: Dominick Abel, Dominick Abel Literary Agency. (Apr.)