cover image The Tmj Book

The Tmj Book

Gray Williams / Author, Andrew Kaplan / Author Pharos Books $1

Temporomandibular joint disorder, known as TMJ, boasts many symptoms: headaches, earaches, jaw clicking or popping, facial pain. The ``painful pretender,'' as it is called, is easily mistaken for other illnesses; it is a powerful mimic. In their fact-filled look at diagnosis and treatment of TMJ, Kaplan, director of the Mt. Sinai Hospital TMJ clinic in New York, and Williams, a medical and science writer, explain some of the ailment's mysteries. At its best when conversational and while discussing case histories, the book is also helpful in its final chapters, which include an assessment of treatment costs and insurance benefits. However, opening chapters may discourage readers with an abundance of medical terminology. First serial to Prevention. (Oct.)