cover image The Lake House

The Lake House

Sarah Beth Durst. HarperTeen, $19.99 (368p) ISBN 978-0-0632-1407-1

Teens attending summer camp are hunted by a menacing evil in this suspenseful thriller by Durst (The Shelterlings). Hoping to provide her with opportunities to make friends and broaden her horizons, the parents of white-cued Claire Dreyer persuade her to attend a Maine-set summer camp known as the Lake House. There, she’s joined by Reyva Chaudhari, who reads as of Indian descent, and Latinx-cued Mariana Ortiz-Rodriguez. After a local transports the girls to the remote residence in the middle of a lake, they find that the Lake House has been burned to the ground and their ride back to shore has vanished. Stranded on the island without cell service, the teens are forced to work together if they hope to endure their impromptu wilderness survival effort. The trio are optimistic about their chances of making it out of the ordeal alive, until they discover the corpse of a woman who has been shot. Even as they’re subjected to further twists and 11th-hour revelations, the group’s intelligence, resilience, and tenacity make them formidable protagonists not easily cowed by perilous situations. This pressurized, eerie tale is sure to satisfy. Ages 13–up. Agent: Andrea Somberg, Harvey Klinger. (Apr.)