cover image Angelology


Danielle Trussoni, read by Susan Denaker, Penguin Audio, unabridged, 17 CDs, 21 hrs., $39.96 ISBN 978-0-14-314526-4

Trussoni's complex and intricately plotted novel about an epic war between mortals and angels is, despite the heroic efforts of Susan Denaker, an unholy mess in the audio version. What readers relished—the labyrinthine plot, the accretion of suspense—becomes a morass of agonizingly slow description, invented mythologies, and a needlessly protracted setup. Sister Evangeline, a secretary at an upstate New York convent, receives a mysterious letter directing her to an artifact that is sought by a Nephilim—the offspring of a mortal and an angel—who is desperate to possess its power. Denaker proves her versatility in creating the diverse cast, but her melodic singsong cannot salvage the audiobook from tedium. Fans of The Da Vinci Code eager to give this one a listen should be directed to the hardcover. A Viking hardcover (Reviews, Jan. 25). (Mar.)