cover image Moral Disorder: And Other Stories

Moral Disorder: And Other Stories

Margaret Atwood. Random House Audio Assets, $34.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-7393-4051-6

Denaker's fine, deep voice and varied vocal range works particularly well with Atwood's sardonic humor. But her articulation is so perfect as to be disconcerting, often tossing impediments into Atwood's carefully wrought sentences. The first story begins with an elderly married couple, Tig and Nell, having breakfast and tea while discussing some horrific political murders occurring far away. This is the framework for the family stories to come. Nell's girlhood is dedicated to the tender care and feeding of her difficult sister. She perpetually struggles with the pleasure and resentment of her lifelong role as caregiver to her sister, Tig, his sons, his ex-wife and, finally, her own parents. Her life-like Atwood's book-is ""a sock drawer into which a number of disparate things were shoved, a jumble."" Apparently personal, perhaps even autobiographical, these stories are knit together by the ""moral disorder"" Atwood sees in everyone from one generation to the next.